Transformation Garden

An Initiation with Karuna

Your 18-Month Private Journey

What are you ready to let go of? 

What are you manifesting? 

What are you transforming?

This 18-month journey covers all the life practices you need to live every day with intention, inspiration, and free of regrets! The culmination of our work together is a modern day spiritual pilgrimage.

Karuna is your 1:1 transformation guide, here to take you deeper into your Transformation Garden. She will help you to find the nooks and crannies desiring light, the plants in need of additional nourishment and care, and the places in your life yearning for big, bold blossoming.

We will lean on time-tested practices and tools from yogic, Buddhist, and other meditative traditions coupled with modern-day science. 

We’ll embody the wisdom of favorites like Brene Brown, Culadasa, Pema Chodron, and Mary Oliver. 

You’ll receive a Personal Planet Map by the luminary lioness Allison Joy Phillips and experience an Ayurvedic consultation by the limitless light Natalie Hain. 

To take part in Transformation Garden you need the following:

  • A spiritual belief, practice, or curiosity
  • To commit to a 60-minute bi-weekly 1:1 with Karuna
  • Daily exercise (can be as mellow as a 15-minute walk at lunchtime)
  • Daily meditation (you will be supported) 
  • Consistent journaling – a sentence or two (Karuna will supply prompts)
  • One 7-day solo retreat (first year)
  • An extended pilgrimage (second year – minimum two weeks)
    • Examples include: a Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage, a Nepal Trek and Pilgrimage to Lumbini, El Camino de Santiago, hiking the Appalachian trail, etc.
  • Reading all required books (minimum of 4 – 8)
    • List TBD

Prerequisites include meeting together for an hour to ensure compatibility with Karuna. 

Price: $10,000 

Payment Plans Available

*Included in your investment is 

– access to Community Meditation™, the signature group meditation offering on Mind Oasis; 

– access to Karuna’s various workshops/series offered throughout the 18 months.

Karuna will also be available for conversations and guidance via Whatsapp at any time,  responding within 48 hours in a meaningful way.

Transformation Garden is offered throughout the year and the start date will be determined during our first meeting. 
20% of all Karuna’s offerings go back to fund Mind Oasis!