What if transformation at any age wasn’t difficult, time consuming, or intimidating?

Karuna works with folks interested in finding (and keeping) happiness. She founded Mind Oasis, an awesome online meditation space dedicated to community, and inspiration. She has amassed hundreds of hours of teaching and guiding meditation. Sassy, fun, and knowledgeable, Karuna inspires people in both playful and potent ways.

Karuna’s favorite thing is sharing tools that help people create meaningful and extraordinary lives. Working together with Karuna, you can expect to transform doubt into power – and fear into clarity. 1:1 Coaching via Transformation Garden is her premier program available to all.

Midlife is the best time for personal transformation. It offers us wisdom in the rearview mirror and the promise of the road ahead.

Extraordinary Karuna’s Writing

  • The Bus Ticket that taught Me the Extent of a Mother’s Love

    The Bus Ticket that taught Me the Extent of a Mother’s Love

    I’m huddled down in the tall grass. It’s dark, and a light rain has made everything around me wet. As I assess the situation, I try not to think about whether there are snakes around me. I hear people’s voices as they go in and out of the rest area. Some laugh. They are having…

  • A Simple Method for an Extraordinary Reset

    A Simple Method for an Extraordinary Reset

    “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than they seek.” ~ John Muir With the switch to daylight savings time in the rearview mirror, I recently enjoyed the longer daylight by taking my dogs for a late afternoon walk. I found myself reminiscing about my teenage years. Growing up on the shores of Lake…

  • The Path to Love isn’t What We Think

    The Path to Love isn’t What We Think

    My hands are sweating as I clench the steering wheel despite the sub-freezing temperatures outside the car. I nervously check the rearview mirror and note the car is still there. For the past three minutes, there has been a black Subaru inches from my rear bumper. I look at my dashboard and note that I…


The Extraordinary Workshop I took with Karuna has been the single most potent catalyst for change I have been blessed with in my 36 years of life.  Everything started coming together once I got crystal clear about who I am and what I want to do.  My capacity to facilitate healing, for both myself and others, exploded. My 20+ year struggle with weight loss, which has always felt insurmountable, has shifted to being an inevitable victory.  Intention really is one of the most potent determining factors of what manifests in our reality.
~ William F.

Karuna’s Extraordinary Intention offering is the moment and the practice I didn’t know I needed. It is sweet. It is focused. It will bring you closer to the next steps on your path. Either to know better who you are and what you want, or to see the path ahead more clearly, it is a wonderful and kind way to advance in your life, self growth, and your goals.
~ Flavia L.

What I love about Karuna’s approach is that it speaks to everyone. She’s highly relatable, and she meets you exactly where you’re at with a warm understanding that we all lead busy lives.  She brings together people from all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life and creates a space where we can practice together. It creates an environment where ego naturally dissolves and people genuinely help each other and root for one another. Karuna is a rock of calm and stability in a  modern world full of choppy seas.
~ Erin S.